The Budding Family was linked to the Underwood Family Tree when John Budding married Ann Maria Underwood at Bristol in 1869.

John Budding was born at Dursley Gloucestershire in 1841 and became a Sapper in the Royal Engineers and later received an army pension. He married Ann Maria Underwood at Bristol in 1869 and they had at least seven children including:

  • John Budding born at Dursley in 1865
  • Eliza Kate Beard Budding born at Chatham, Kent in 1870
  • Twins Ada Louise Budding and Edwin Charles Budding born at Netley Military Hospital, Hampshire in 1872
  • George Thomas Budding born at Bristol in 1879
  • James Henry Budding born at Stockton on Tees in 1882
Budding Family Members born at Netley Hospital
Some Budding Family Members were born at Netley Military Hospital

After his military service John and Ann Budding eventually moved their Budding Family to Stockton on Tees where he worked as a fitter until his death in 1903.

There are currently about seventeen descendants of John and Ann Budding on the Underwood Family tree.

Over many years marriages have brought many and various family names into the Underwood family tree due to female members taking the surname of their husbands when they got married, and due to women who married male members of the family linking their family surnames to the Underwood Family.

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Budding Family